High-End Hookah Lounge in Meridian, ID

Being one of the few hookah lounges in the state, Rotana Hookah Bar in Meridian, ID, offers a unique place for you to enjoy your evening. We pride ourselves on being an upscale lounge that offers high-quality tobacco products for you to enjoy here or take home.

Why Hookah?

Hookah is a growing trend in the United States as a new way to enjoy the nightlife with friends. It originated in India and the Middle East and has come overseas in recent years due to growing popularity. You and your friends will find many flavors of our tobacco to enjoy. It’s smoked out of a hookah pipe that uses live coals on top to heat the water and creates a smooth, aromatic smoke. We provide top-quality tobacco for our hookah lounge and check the coals frequently for peak usage.

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Try a New Way to Relax

Hookah is a popular trend growing throughout the United States. When you come to Rotana Hookah Bar, you will find a high-quality lounge and smoke shop that provides enjoyable entertainment and attentive staff. We’re the premier hookah lounge not just in Ada County but in the whole state! Come try us out and have a great time.

Music, Games, & Fun!

We want to make sure you have plenty of entertainment while you relax. Rotana Hookah Bar offers great daily music selections and a live DJ every Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. In addition to our excellent music, we have pool tables, pong nights, and PlayStation® 4 games to enjoy with your friends!

Smoke Shop

If you want to enjoy our hookah and tobacco products at home, we have good news! Along with our wonderful hookah lounge, we also have a smoke shop. We offer a wide variety of our hookah and tobacco products. As with our lounge, we offer high-end products for you to purchase to enjoy in your own home.